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Pulse (Elongated)

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Free neoprene cover with every paddle purchase

OneX ships in special launch edition packaging

Lighter static weight paddle can be requested in the cart note's section

    Ultimate Defensive and Control Paddle

    Take your game to the next level with this incredible pickleball paddle! Enjoy extended reach with the elongated shape, allowing you to pinpoint dinks, control resets, and elevate your strategy!

    Key Features

    Polymer Honeycomb Core: A honeycomb-like core created with a plastic blend which helps with durability, resistance to wear and impact. This popular core material helps create more strength in the paddle without driving up the weight, compared to Nomex-core paddles.

    Raw Carbon Fiber (Toray T700): Using 3 layers of T700 (Toray) Raw Carbon Fiber, it gives a player an elevated sense of touch and control during play. It absorbs and evenly disperses the energy minimizing deformation and more resistant to fatigue and wear than fiberglass or graphite. 

    Thermoformed: An intricate manufacturing process that uses heat and pressure to seal the paddle’s core and edges allowing for softer feel, larger sweet spot and increased power.

    Foam Injected Edge and Handle: Foam is injected around the edges which allows for increased sweet spot from edge to edge, helping you better control mis-hits. Foam is also added to the handle for increased stability and a solution for tennis elbow.

    Elongated Shape: Increased reach and concentrated sweet spot allows players to hit more precise shots as a control paddle

    Neoprene Paddle Cover: Custom Mark Pickleball cover included with every paddle

    Detailed Specifications

    • Shape: Elongated Top
    • Material: Toray T700 Raw Carbon Fiber (3 Layers)
    • Features: Thermoform Edge Seal, Foam Injected Edge PP Core and Fill in Handle, Unibody Construction, Foam inserts on Handle
    • Surface Roughness: 30/40 rz
    • Size: 16.5 by 7.5 inches
    • Thickness: 16mm
    • Weight: 8.1oz - 8.3oz
    • Swing Weight: 127
    • Twist Weight: 6.85
    • Grip Circumference: 4 1/8 Inches
    • Grip Length: 5.3”
    • USAPA Approved
    Pulse (Elongated)
    Pulse (Elongated)
    Pulse (Elongated)
    Pulse (Elongated)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    Gabriel Andino
    Total Stroke of Luck. Love this Paddle!

    Was looking to buy a paddle when I ran into mark at a local court in my neighborhood. He let me try the Pulse, and I had the best games of my life! Absolutely adore this paddle. 10/10 great budget friendly upgrade from Amazon paddles.

    nathan nguyen
    Spin to win. Unparalleled control for a 16mm

    I tried this paddle from my friend and fell in love immediately. Right off the bat, it took my full swing serve which I use as a baseline for how well the paddle surface grips the ball. With this paddle, I’m able to swing like it’s a tennis racquet and it goes where I want it to go. I can hit shots that just glide over the net, down the line, or drop them into the kitchen. For the price, I wish I had known about this when I picked up my Vatic Prism cause I would’ve gone with this in the first place. I do however wonder about the durability of the surface because of how much spin I generate and how often I play. Only time will tell. Will be purchasing a paddle for myself very soon.

    Pulse Elongated paddle

    Love the paddle. I have been playing with a Gearbox for the last few years. This is the first paddle I have played with that I actually like better. It seems to have a little more control, but still has power! Great price also!


    Love this paddle so far. I love the elongated style. A friend of mine has the Slayer and it’s very similar in size—for anyone whose debating between the two—except the top on the pulse is flat vs the slayer having a rounded top. I’ve only played a couple times with the slayer, but from what I can tell they perform similarly. Love the way the Slayer plays as well. The pulse has a very generous sweet spot with a very responsive bounce. So far the Pulse has been an all around solid paddle with a really nice look also. I highly recommended Mark Pickleball products.

    Jason Kibbe
    Like my Joola but half the price!

    I love this paddle! It hits hard and has great control! Plays almost exactly like my Joola Ben Johns paddle at less then half the price. Recommended! 💯