KevlaCarbon Line

Our KevlaCarbon line uses a blend of Kevlar® and Carbon Fiber for a distinct feel and sleek look. DuPont™ Kevlar® offers great impact and abrasion resistance, while carbon fiber adds strength and stiffness. Together, they create exceptional durability and performance. Plus, the twill weave design allows for powerful spin generation.

In our KevlaCarbon line, the materials and construction create a linear power curve. A linear power curve essentially means that the speed and power of your shots directly correlates with how much energy you put into your stroke. This gives you more fine control over the power level of all of your shots.

For most of us, it's not about missing left or right, but hitting short, high, or long. The linear power curve in our KevlaCarbon paddles lets you add a lot of power while keeping control and predictability high.

  • Flared Hybrid Shape

    Evenly balanced and highly aerodynamic shape providing stability, speed and forgiving mishits.

  • Long Handle Flared Hybrid Shape

    Just like the MARK One, except the OneX’s extended handle gives it added versatility and more comfort for two-handers.

  • Elongated Shape

    Traditional extended shape providing power, reach, and stability. Giving familiarity to those with tennis backgrounds.

Key Features

KevlaCarbon Technology

Our KevlaCarbon paddles blend Kevlar and Carbon Fiber for a distinctive feel and durability. DuPont™ Kevlar® offers excellent impact resistance, while carbon fiber ensures strength. Together, they deliver exceptional performance and spin, thanks to the twill weave construction.

Polymer Honeycomb Core

Our 15.5mm honeycomb core, made from a durable plastic blend, enhances paddle durability and impact resistance. Unlike Nomex-core paddles, it boosts strength without adding weight.


This manufacturing process uses heat and pressure to seal the paddle’s core and edges creating a larger sweet spot and increased power.

Foam Injected Edge and Handle

Foam injected around the edges expands the sweet spot for better control, while handle foam increases stability and reduces vibrations.

Neoprene Cover

Custom Mark Pickleball cover included with every paddle.