About Us

Started by father and son team, Tim and Wesley Mark, Mark Pickleball is a family-run venture committed to crafting high-quality and affordable pickleball paddles.

Our Journey

Growing up immersed in tennis and various racket sports, my father and I were on the hunt for a recreational community that matched our love for the game. Thankfully, our search led us to the lively pickleball scene at John J. Carty Park's Pickleball Courts. It was during this time, as we experimented with different paddles, that we encountered setbacks – from the limitations of a wooden Amazon paddle to the frustration of my Joola Hyperion breaking after just three weeks of use. Yet, amidst these challenges, we saw an opportunity for change. This moment fueled our determination to enhance the pickleball experience, leading to the creation of Mark Pickleball.

Our Mission

As my father and I embarked on our journey, we were inspired by the revolutionary advancements of companies like Tesla and the iconic status of brands like Nike. Fueled by this spirit of innovation, we aimed to redefine the pickleball experience. Our goal wasn't just to offer quality products, but to foster a vibrant community where players of all backgrounds could thrive.

Our mission was clear: to make a positive impact on the pickleball community. We didn't just want to sell gear; we wanted to create an immersive experience that would elevate the game for everyone involved.

Join us in our journey of innovation and transformation. Our brand represents more than just a name; it embodies our family's deep-rooted passion for the game and our pursuit to compete. Together, let's propel pickleball into an era of excitement and possibility.