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Free neoprene cover with every paddle purchase

OneX ships in special launch edition packaging

Lighter static weight paddle can be requested in the cart note's section

    The MARK One just does everything well. It is the epitome of an all-court hybrid paddle.

    Using our KevlaCarbon face provides extra pop and power to bring the offense and the linear power curve means it’s easy to dial in on defense.

    Detailed Specifications


    • Thickness:16mm
    • Size: 16.25” x 7.75” to 7.5”
    • Weight: 8.2oz avg
    • Swing Weight: 117.5
    • Twist Weight: 6.6
    • Grip Circumference: 4 1/8"
    • Grip Length: 5.3”


    Materials and Construction

    • Shape: Flared Hybrid
    • Material: KevlaCarbon
    • Thermoform Edge Seal
    • Foam Injected Edge PP Core and Fill in Handle
    • Unibody Construction
    • USAP Approved

    DuPont and Kevlar® are trademarks or registered trademarks of affiliates of DuPont de Nemours, Inc.

    MARK One
    MARK One
    MARK One
    MARK One
    MARK One
    MARK One

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Matt Callender
    Great Paddle!

    I really like this paddle. Has a great combination of power, control and spin without losing the speed/quickness at the kitchen.

    Nothing negative yet

    Played with it around 10 hours so far, Great handle and grip , wonderful grippy face that is showing no wear, anf SOLID feel. Not quite as soft as my Legacy but definitely solid without clanking sounds.
    Good spin and power. Wouldn't have minded a little lower swing weight but definitely below the Legacy, though a little above my Vatic Pro Flash 16

    All around great paddle leaning slightly power side

    The Mark One is an excellent all around hybrid paddle that is just as good as the thrive azul if not better, and has an amazing blend of control, sweet spot, and power. I decided to go with the Mark One over the OneX due to slightly bigger sweet spot but I can see how the OneX could have more manueverablity. Cannot go wrong with either especially compared to other all court paddles which comprise either control or power. With these paddles you don't have to worry about any compromize, rather best of both worlds. Super happy with my purchase


    I’ve had many paddles. This paddle has taken the least amount of time to get used to.
    I play 4.0+ pickleball and I like every aspect of it.
    Great spin, control and power.
    Don’t tell my wife but I think I’ll surprise her with one

    Matthew Le
    Solid All Around Paddle

    To be honest I did not like this paddle very much initially coming from a raw carbon fiber paddle it performed very different than what I was used to and the balance seemed a bit off. Decided to add some lead tape as others have recommended and made a huge difference. Now I can say that it is a great all around paddle. Doesn't quite get as much pop as the Mark 2 which I prefer however the spin is superior and causes the ball to dip quite a bit which takes a bit to get used to depending on your playstyle. Since there is so much spin it is a bit difficult to get the ball deeper to the baseline if you wanted. If you're a topspin/or slice player you'll be pleasantly surprised by the amount of spin you can get on this paddle. Very plush and dinks and resets have great feel and sweet spot is forgiving. A bit different from the previous Kinetic but just takes a little more time to get used to.