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Kinetic (Now MARK One)

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Free neoprene cover with every paddle purchase

OneX ships in special launch edition packaging

Lighter static weight paddle can be requested in the cart note's section

    KINETIC (Now MARK One)

    Power, Spin, Precision - Engineered for Excellence

    The Kinetic paddle distinguishes itself as the genuine hybrid, integrating Kevlar® and sporting the widely popular Hybrid Shape, characterized by its broad top arc. Employing cutting-edge Dynamic Kevlar® Technology, we've engineered a paddle that not only produces remarkable power and spin but also does so with a streamlined and aerodynamic design.

    Key Features

    Dynamic Kevlar Technology

    A meticulously crafted combination of Kevlar and Carbon Fiber that has the capability to produce incredible spin and unparalleled power. Sourced from DuPont™ Kevlar®, the aramid fiber provides very good impact and abrasion resistance to the material surface while the carbon fiber provides a very high level of strength and stiffness. Combined together, it creates a unique paddle experience where durability meets high caliber performance. Additionally, the material is woven with a twill weave, allowing players to generate immense spin when contacting the pickleball. 

    Polymer Honeycomb Core

    Similar to the Carbon Fiber Series, it uses a honeycomb-like core created with a plastic blend which helps with durability, resistance to wear and impact. This popular core material helps create more strength in the paddle without driving up the weight, compared to Nomex-core paddles.


    An manufacturing process that uses heat and pressure to seal the paddle’s core and edges allowing for larger sweet spot and increased power.

    Hybrid Shape

    Evenly balanced and highly aerodynamic allowing for higher pop factor than control paddles

    Foam Injected Edge and Handle

    Foam is injected around the edges which allows for increased sweet spot from edge to edge, helping you better control mis-hits. Foam is also added to the handle for increased stability

    Neoprene Cover

    Custom Mark Pickleball cover included with every paddle

    Paddle Measurements

     Detailed Specifications

    • Shape: Arc Wide Top
    • Material: Dynamic Kevlar
    • Features: Thermoform Edge Seal, Foam Injected Edge PP Core and Fill in Handle, Unibody Construction
    • Surface Roughness: 30/40 rz
    • Size: 16.25 by 7.75 inches to 7.5
    • Thickness: 16mm
    • Weight: 8.2oz ± 0.1oz
    • Grip Circumference: 4 1/8 Inches
    • Grip Length: 5.3”
    • USAPA Approved

    DuPont and Kevlar® are trademarks or registered trademarks of affiliates of DuPont de Nemours, Inc.

    Kinetic (Now MARK One)
    Kinetic (Now MARK One)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 59 reviews
    Justin Barton
    Exceptional All-Court Paddle

    The Kinetic is for you if you are someone who wants a stat beast of a paddle that has great control, power, and pop. The most unique thing about the playability of the Kinetic is how it doesn’t really compromise control for power. If you love playing an all-court game and presenting a threat from both the baseline and the net, the Kinetic can empower you everywhere. The Dynamic Kevlar face gives a unique “stiff/crisp” feeling that you would normally associate with high pop and low control. However, the control is actually not sacrificed at all. While adjusting to the feel of the Kinetic, I was consistently surprised by how easy it was to place my drops and finesse shots given how crisp the ball contact feels. Overall, super well rounded paddle that skews more offensive than defensive.

    Jonathan Kong
    A great mix of control and power

    I own this paddle and the Krypton (Kevlar Elongated). This paddle can do everything; from powerful drives to controlled dinks, this paddle makes me feel invincible. Something about this paddle and the Krypton makes it feel like there is no break in period for the paddle to get adjusted. It worked from the get go and I had no issues playing with it!

    eric vega
    paddle case

    paddle case scratch

    Chad T.
    Excellent paddle for the cost and durable

    this paddle has a lot of pop and is very durable. I am very impressed with this paddle and it is super light. I have been using this paddle for a couple months on our lunch break with a group of guys from work. I would defiantly recommend this paddle for beginners or advanced. Great product for the cost!

    Jim Vickers
    My Favorite paddle

    Wow! Have been using the Kinetic (Kevlar Hybrid) for almost 2 months now. Play 5 days a week. The paddle for serving has plenty of power for deep servers and if wanted you can put alot of spin on the ball making the opponent scramble to get it back. The control of dinking is outstanding as well. Very easy to return those drive shots from your opponent. Drive shots are very powerful and can be controlled easy. I liked it so much bought another one to give to my son in law, he is 6ft.4 and it will be scary playing against him with the Kinetic. Recommend for intermediate,advanced and pro levels. I let several others try it out and they agreed it is truly an amazing paddle. :)